Peering Policy

We operate networks in the USA, Luxembourg and Japan.

FiLabs (AS203577) has an open peering policy.

We accept peers via IX or tunnel according to the following policy.


We create peers based on data in PeeringDB. Please make sure that the latest and complete PeeringDB page.
Our PeeringDB :

Connection method

We are a non-profit and small network, so Private Interconnection (PNI) is not available.
You can connect through a tunnel or through IX below.
Tunnels via the Internet or via NTT East NGN in Japan.


If there are not required tunnel, we can be flexible.
Please feel free to contact us.

Internet Exchange Points

Please check PeeringDB for the latest status.

Important Notices

We will try to maintain Peer as much as possible, but we reserve the right to suspend or terminate it for various reasons.


Please feel free to contact us.